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A Google Drive Interface for your Cloudflare R2 Buckets!

This project is deployed/self-hosted in your own Cloudflare Account as a Worker, and no credential/token is required to start using it.


Live Demo:


  • PWA support (install this app on your phone)
  • Email Explorer (using Cloudflare Email Routing)
  • Basic Auth
  • Cloudflare Access Authentication
  • Very quick bucket/folder navigation
  • pdf, image, txt, markdown, csv, etc in-browser preview
  • Drag-and-Drop upload
  • Multiple files and folder uploads
  • Create folders
  • Upload/Rename/Download/Delete files
  • Right click in file for extra options
  • Multipart upload for big files

Getting Started

Run this command to get an example project setup

npm create r2-explorer@latest

Upgrading your installation

In order to update to the latest version you just need to install the latest r2-explorer package from npm and re-deploy your application

npm install r2-explorer@latest --save
wrangler publish


  • allow bucket names with spaces
  • Search files
  • Rename folders
  • Delete folders
  • Image thumbnail's using Cloudflare workers
  • Tooltip when hovering a file with absolute time in "x days time ago" format
  • bundle bootstrap icons instead of importing
  • support for responding to emails