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Uh... so I've never actually used GitHub before this. But I'll try to explain everything going on here.

Sorry for my messy code. It's why I was skeptical about making this open source, but you know what, the code runs fine in the end.

How do I run this?

If you're just here to use GDBrowser locally because the site is down or blocked or restricted or god knows what, this is the only part you really need to read

To run GDBrowser locally:

  1. Install node.js if you don't already have it
  2. Clone/download this repository
  3. Open cmd/powershell/terminal in the main folder (with index.js)
  4. Type npm i to flood your hard drive with code that's 99% useless
  5. Type node index to run the web server
  6. GDBrowser is now running locally at http://localhost:2000

If you want to disable rate limits, ip forwarding, etc you can do so by modifying settings.js. Doing this is probably a good idea if you feel like obliterating Rob's servers for some reason. (please don't)

Using this for a GDPS?

I mean, sure. Why not. Hold up, wait a minute... private servers are an official feature now!

If you would like to add your GDPS to GDBrowser, fill out this quick form and I'll be happy to add it (provided the server is relatively large and active)

If you 100% insist on adding a private server to your own magical little fork, you can do so by adding it to servers.json. Simply add a new object to the array with the following information:

identifier description
name The display name of the server
link The server's website URL (unrelated to the actual endpoint)
author The creator(s) of the server
authorLink The URL to open when clicking on the creator's name
id An ID for the server, also used as the subdomain (e.g. something would become
endpoint The actual endpoint to spam send requests to (e.g. - make sure it ends with a slash!)

There's also a few optional values for fine-tuning. I'll add more over time

identifier description type
timestampSuffix A string to append at the end of timestamps. Vanilla GD uses " ago" string
demonList The URL of the server's Demon List API, if it has one (e.g. - make sure it ends with a slash!) string
disabled An array of menu buttons to "disable" (mappacks, gauntlets, daily, weekly, etc). They appear greyed out but are still clickable. array
pinned "Pins" the server to the top of the GDPS list. It appears above all unpinned servers and is not placed in alphabetical order. bool
onePointNine Makes a bunch of fancy changes to better fit 1.9 servers. (removes orbs/diamonds, hides some pointless buttons, etc) bool
weeklyLeaderboard Enables the lost but not forgotten Weekly Leaderboard, for servers that still milk it bool
substitutions A list of parameter substitutions, because some servers rename/obfuscate them. (e.g. { "levelID": "oiuyhxp4w9I" }) object
overrides A list of endpoint substitutions, because some servers use renamed or older versions. (e.g. { "getGJLevels21": "dorabaeChooseLevel42" }) object


GDBrowser has a lot of folders. [citation needed]

I pride myself in keeping my files neat, without doing the whole src/main/data/stuff/code/homework/newfolder/util/actualcode garbage

Most folders contain exactly what you'd expect, but here's some in-depth info in case you're in the dark.


This is where all the backend stuff happens! Yipee!

They're all fairly similar. Fetch something, parse the response, and serve it in a crisp and non-intimidating JSON. This is probably what you came for.

The odd one out is icon.js, which is for generating GD icons. The code here is horrendous, so apologies in advance. Improvements to it would be greatly appreciated! (and i will love you forever)


Assets! Assets everywhere!

All the GD stuff was ripped straight from the GD spritesheets via Absolute's texture splitter hack. If you want a nice categorized version, I've done all the dirty work for you.

I'd explain what's in all the subfolders but it's pretty obvious. I tried my best to organize everything nicely.


What's a class you ask? Good question.

I guess the best way to put it is uh... super fancy functions???

Level.js parses the server's disgusting response and sends back a nice object with all the level info

XOR.js encrypts/decrypts stuff like GD passwords


The HTML files! Nothing too fancy, since it can all be seen directly from gdbrowser. Note that profile.html and level.html (and some parts of home.html) have [[VARIABLES]] (name, id, etc) replaced by the server when they're sent.

comingsoon.html was used while the site was still in development, I just left it in there as a nice little throwback


It's GJ_Gamesheet02 but split into a much more intimidating cluster of a million files. These icons are put together and colored in the monstrosity that is icon.js

name description
parseIconPlist.js Reads GJ_GameSheet02-uhd.plist and magically transforms it into gameSheet.json. Props to 101arrowz for helping make this
colors.json List of the player colors in GD. Fairly straight forward
forms.json List of the different icon forms, their ingame filenames, and their index in responses from the GD servers
offsets.json A bunch of hardcoded offsets. Desperate times call for desperate measures


Inevitable misc folder

Level Analysis Stuff (in a separate folder)

name description
blocks.json The object IDs in the different 'families' of blocks
colorProperties.json Color channel cheatsheet
initialProperties.json Level settings cheatsheet
objectProperties.json Object property cheatsheet. Low budget version of AlFas' one
objects.json IDs for portals, orbs, triggers, and misc stuff

Everything Else

name description
achievements.json List of all GD/meltdown/subzero/etc achievements. parseAchievementPlist.js automatically creates this file
achievementTypes.json An object containing different categories of achievements (stars, shards, vault, etc) and how to identify them
credits.json Credits! (shown on the homepage)
dragscroll.js Used on several pages for drag scrolling
music.json An array of the official GD tracks (name, artist)
parseAchievementPlist.js A script that reads GD's achievement .plist files and converts it into achievements.json
sampleIcons.json A pool of icons, one of which will randomly appear when visiting the icon kit. Syntax is [Name, ID, Col1, Col2, Glow]
secretStuff.json GJP goes here, needed for level leaderboards. Not included in the repo for obvious reasons
settings.js Tweak small settings here, mainly for local use or GDPS'es
shops.js A hardcoded list of all the shop icons in GD
sizecheck.js Excecuted on most pages. Used for the 'page isn't wide enough' message, back button, and a few other things

happy gdbrowsing and god bless.


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