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boincizing-apps Patches for john the ripper
patches/boinc-patches docs updates
result-analysis results analysis
sample-server docs updates
scripts Adding more scripts and analyzers
Cloud & Control - notes.pdf Nope, the previous pdf compressed by making everything just images. A…
Cloud & Control - notes.txt
Cloud & Control - slides.pdf
README Adding link to Notes PDF
misc-notes.txt docs updates


Notes PDF Available Here:
(Github doesn't let you download ir from the Web UI - tells you the blob is too big)

	The patches needed to turn open source apps into apps runnable by boinc.
	Most of them are easy to read.
	The GNFS-specific slides and docs.
	The patches made to BOINC itself for a couple obscure features, bugfixes, 
	and debugging information.
	If you'd like to review my math and estimations for the pretty graphs,
	for GNFS stuff or cracking, here it is. 
	This is the config files and most importantly templates for the boinc 
	These are the job generation scripts, post-run analysis scripts, and some 
	other misc scripts.
	See below.

Be Intelligent
In general, you're going to want to search for tmp_hostname and replace that 
with your temporary directory, and overall just read the stuff to see what you 
have to change.  I didn't make a note of everytime I removed my password and
put in PASSWORD for you to fill in.

I recommend you read all the READMEs in the directories.

No Wordlists
I'm not including my wordlists.  Not out of secrecy, I just downloaded every 
single one I could find, stripped out the copyrights on them, and combined them.  
So I'm fairly certain doing so would be in violation of the wishes of the 
authors.  Yea, I know almost no one actually obeys that stuff, but I try to most
of the time.  You can combine your own wordlists.
I am however including the markov-generated wordlists.  Caveat: not actually 
very useful.

 - The community at @nysecsec
 - Gotham Digital Science
 - MersenneForum
 - jasonp
 - All the authors of the tools used, including but not limited to:
   Chris Monico, Brian Gladman, Jeff Gilchrist, solar designer, 
   atom, David Anderson
 - The United-TI factoring team, whose code and work greatly 
   inspired my own
 - chewy, shingding, nmrw
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