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Signed-off-by: Zeeshan Ali <>

GENIVI Development Platform

The GENIVI Development Platform integrates software components developed by GENIVI into a release that can be downloaded and run on popular hardware development boards.


Download an image for your platform below. The current release is GDP 11.

Download page

More information on the GDP is below;

  • GDP project home page
  • GDP Master: build the GDP from sources using Yocto
  • GDP releases: information about GDP releases, target boards and peripherals.
  • GDP management: policies and other processes associated to the GDP project.

Contributing to GDP

Please see the MAINTAINERS file for information on contacting them as well as instructions for submitting patches.

The GENIVI Development Platform project welcomes contributions:

For information about the Yocto Project, check the Yocto Project website.

For information about the Yocto GENIVI Baseline, see Yocto GENIVI Baseline website.

genivi-dev-platform.git usage

This project uses submodules to pull in layer dependencies. It is advised to avoid using the --recursive option for the initial clone. 'master' is the default branch. Previous release 'maintenance' branches are also available. Note certain tags may require a different set of usage instructions, please refer to the relative README.

git clone <thisrepo> -b <branch>

To initiate the build environment:

source $target

The current supported targets are qemux86-64, porter, raspberrypi2, raspberrypi3, minnowboard, silk. Currently this requires the use of the bash shell

The script handles the the $target specific bitbake configuration. The $target templates can be found in gdp-src-build/templates, as well as common configuration .inc files. also handles the relevant git submodule initiation.

To build:

bitbake genivi-dev-platform

Please see the README in meta-genivi-dev for further information.