Application that logs on whats happening to several GeoNode Instances and provide Status on the different GeoNode
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This is a Django based application to be used to keep track
of GeoNode Instance's registry. It will support both post and get requests to different GeoNode instances.
This will be helpful in the event one has to
maintain several GeoNode instances and their is need of a quick dashboard to get status on the different instances.
 The issues to look at here include:
     *The GeoNode Version installed:
     *The Number of Maps:
     *The Number of Layers:
     *Broken Layers:
     *Broken Maps:
     *Last Backup on the GeoNode
Please ensure to change the settings file to have the variable

To install run the 
add to the django installed settings 'registry',
and run syncdb

Also ensure you have edited the main file to have the following


Restart the server to effect the changes