A GLib/GTK+ set of document-centric objects and charting library
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GOffice -- A GLib/GTK+ set of document-centric objects and utilities
Jody Goldberg <jody@gnome.org>

There are common operations for document-centric applications that are
conceptually simple, but complex to implement fully.
    - plugins
    - load/save documents
    - undo/redo

To report goffice bugs, please visit bugzilla.gnome.org.

goffice is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL included in the


You need:				        Debian package name
	glib		>= 2.28.0       libglib2.0-dev
	gobject-2.0	>= 2.28.0       libglib2.0-dev
	gmodule-2.0	>= 2.28.0       libglib2.0-dev
	gio-2.0		>= 2.28.0       libglib2.0-dev
        gdk-pixbuf-2.0  >= 2.22.0	libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev
	gtk+		>= 3.0.0        libgtk2.0-dev
	libgsf		>= 1.14.9       libgsf-1-dev
	libxml2         >= 2.4.12       libxml2-dev
	pango		>= 1.24.0       libpango1.0-dev
	pangocairo	>= 1.24.0       libpango1.0-dev
	cairo		>= 1.10.0        libcairo2-dev
	cairo-svg	>= 1.10.0        libcairo2-dev
	cairo-pdf	>= 1.10.0        libcairo2-dev
	cairo-ps	>= 1.10.0        libcairo2-dev

For GConf support you need:

	gconf-2.0                   libgconf2-dev

Mailing lists

   There is a mailing list used to discuss Goffice, to subscribe
send a mail to:


   And in the body of the message write "subscribe"

   An archive of the mailing lists is available in: