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OSX Service Menu for OS X
Objective-C C Makefile


GPGServices allows you to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify
files and texts from the services menu of Mac OS X.


The latest releases of GPGServices can be found on our official website.

For the latest news and updates check our Twitter.

Visit our support page if you have questions or need help setting up your system and using GPGServices.


Clone the repository

git clone
cd GPGServices



Don't forget to install MacGPG2 and Libmacgpg.
You may need logout and login to enable GPGServices.
Have a look at System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services > Text.
Enjoy your custom GPGServices.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X >= 10.6
  • Libmacgpg
  • GnuPG
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