@rys rys released this Dec 12, 2018

Assets 3


  • Please make sure to uninstall any previous release before installing 1.3.0
    • There is a known issue that prevents the installer from succeeding that will be fixed in a future release!


  • Reworked UI

    • Changed to make it much more intuitive to use
      • New Overlay, Capture, Launch App and Visualize tabs
      • Overlay tab controls overlay configuration
      • Capture tab controls capture settings
      • Launch App tab controls overlay injection settions for a single application
      • Visualize tab launches the visualizer!
      • Read OCAT usage for more detailed information
  • User-supplied blacklist

    • OCAT maintains its own internal blacklist, but also lets you provide your own
      • That ensures OCAT doesn't remove your own blacklist settings when OCAT is updated
      • See Blacklist for more detailed information
  • Launching Steam apps via Steam AppId

    • Allows OCAT to work with many more Steam games and lets the explicit hook work in more cases
    • Read Launch App for more detailed information


  • System specifications added to the first line of the verbose log


  • Lots of game and application compatibility bugs!
    • See GitHub issues and the new Steam AppId support for more details