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Make your digital assets fly!
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DAGT is a leading decentralized platform which allows holders of blockchain assets to leverage their holdings as collateral for assets guarantee. Based on Ethereum and smart contract technologies, DAGT aims to utilize blockchain to build a transparent, efficient and distributed guarantee system which makes digital assets flow quickly.

DAGT Tokens

This is an overview of the project DAGT Tokens presented on the Make your digital assets fly.


Our mission is to Make your digital assets fly.

Market Value

With the continuously rising value of digital assets, users can obtain the liquidity of their funds via pledging a certain amount of digital assets, which help them enable the realization of daily consumption including shopping and tourism while enjoying the added value brought by the rise of digital assets.

According to the actual needs of users, the DAGT system is built on the Ethereum public blockchain and smart contract. Some of the benefits of the blockchain is that it cannot be tampered with as it is a decentralized technology. DAGT uses blockchain technology to build and establish new features, like assets storage and transfer.

The new features of blockchain technology allow us to redefine the value of lenders’ assets and completely eliminate the need for trust in the loan process. In the meantime, based on the open and transparent smart contract of the Ethereum platform, the trust and cooperation between us and the lending institutions have been further strengthened, so as to realize the win-win multi-party

How It Works | Economics, Incentives & Fees

  • User (C-side).
    • Users who hold DAGT and use their own holdings of digital assets to initiate loan credit qualification;
    • Users who are bullish on digital assets and hold for long-term, but they need to gain liquidity in the short to medium term;
  • DAGT Foundation.
    • DAGT Foundation (non-profit) is responsible for the research and development, as well as the operation and promotion of the DAGT project;
    • Built on blockchain technology, the platform provides digital assets loan credit service for credit users; Lending agency (B-side).
    • Refers to institutions compliance with relevant national laws and have the qualifications of lending, such as banks, online loan companies, and small loan companies;
    • DAGT and third-party lending institutions will achieve technical integration;

These are some of the design elements to create an efficient system:


Using blockchain technology to improve registration, loan pledge, and credit services so that loan users can complete the loan credit process and the credit information can be sent to third-party institutions quickly;


Making the automated trading system and third-party digital asset trading platform interact to realized functions including monitoring, alert and big data analysis, digital asset monitoring, delivery, early warning, big data analysis and other functions and the combination of smart contracts, open and transparent management of pledge product

##Oracle On-chain and off-chain communication can be connected through the oracle service

Why is blockchain needed to solve this problem?

Trusted History | Avoid Manipulation

Today, profiles of professionals in LinkedIn are fabricated, and there is not a trusted history of progress of people. Blockchain allows us to track endorsements over time and trust that profiles of professionals have not been fabricated over night.

Privacy | Zero Knowledge Proof

The privacy of all users of DAGT Tokens is necessary for them to feel comfortable using it. Sensitive information from users will be anonymous. In order to verify it we will use a protocol of Zero Knowledge Proof.

Resilience versus centralized entities

Thanks to blockchain, the system is decentralized and can't be shut down by any centralized entity.

Lower Barriers of Entry

Not all people in the world have access to financial institutions, banks, credit cards, etc. Blockchain is lowering the barriers of entry in countries where financial institutions haven't arrived yet.

By using blockchain, DAGT Tokens will lower the barriers of entry of people to this platform.

Development Roadmap

Phase 1

Builds a proof of concept deliverable

  • Interaction model with UI/UX

  • Basic Solidity backend

Phase 2

On-chain platform

  • Implement Solidity backend interaction model

  • Integrate TPGS & DAAD on test-net

  • Integrate with Oracle

  • Rich user interface

Phase 3

Public Alpha platform

  • Contract audit

  • Coin offering

  • Public test-net alpha test

Phase 4

Platform Launch

  • User completes credit and loan
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