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Embeddable forms to recruit research participants. Sends results to a Google Sheet, deployed via Google Tag Manager.
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recruiter [WIP]

Embeddable forms for recruiting usability research participants. Uses Google Tag Manager to load form UI and targeting, and a custom Google Apps Script to send submissions to a Google Sheet.


feedback platform components


  • Integration with Google Analytics to send custom events when a user opens, closes, and submits the Recruiter form dialog.


See Wiki

Default fields provided in this configuration:

Field name Type Description
Date Timestamp submission time and date
Name String First name
Email String Email address
UserAgent String OS + Version, Browser + version
URL* String URI of page where form was submitted
Referrer* String Referring page (how user arrived at PageURL

*Note: When deploying to sites where URLs contain references to content that may infer information of a personal or sensitive nature (e.g. visiting content related to medical conditions on, you may wish to omit passing the last two fields (URL and Referrer) to the Sheet. This can be done simply by removing the last two query parameters (&Referrer={{Referrer}}&URL={{Page URL}}) from the URL in the Recruiter to Google Sheet Custom Image Tag in GTM.

Warning: PIA, PRA or other privacy or security compliance issues may be triggered for any customized capture fields. Consult your agency's Chief Privacy Officer and/or PRA Desk Officer before deploying any customized form versions.


Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA)



Recruiter is the first part of a larger WIP feedback platform implemented via Google Tag Manager.

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