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Stand-alone Python coding demos.
Jupyter Notebook Python
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Code Demos


Code for use with interactive session Demo by Marlena Duda

Matplotlib & Pandas/Dictionaries

  • Women in Congress Data Set and python script Code for use with interactive session adapted from Dr. Pleuri Pennings by Brooke Wolford CSV with data

  • NCAA Men's Basketball data set and Jupyter notebook [Jupyter notebook] demo by Brooke Wolford CSV

Logic, Control Flow, and Filtering

Jupyter notebook Demo by Vy Nguyen


Jupyter notebook Demo by Zena Lapp

Intro to plotting with Python

Introductory lesson on Python programming including reading data into pandas and plotting with matplotlib.
Demo by Brooke Wolford and Kelly Sovacool for GSBES
Uses data from

Usage instructions

Option 1: In the top right corner select the green button "Clone or download", then choose Download ZIP. Unzip the folder, then upload the folder to your Google Drive. When you click on the python_plotting_climate.ipynb from within Google Drive on the web, you will be prompted to open with a suggested third party app, Colaboratory. Please do so, and your jupyter notebook will launch. This allows us to run Python via a web browser, rather than on your computer. In the notebook we have noted where you will change the file path to match that of your own Google Drive!

Option 2: Install jupyter, preferably through Anaconda. Download csv1, csv2 and jupyter notebook onto your computer. Open a shell and type: jupyter lab. This will start a Jupyter lab server and open your default web browser. You can navigate to the .ipynb file like you would navigate through your computer's file system. The server runs locally on your machine only and does not use an internet connection.

Data to play with

NCAA Men's Basketball from 538
Monthly Global CO2 from DataHub
DataHub Monthly Global Temps from DataHub

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