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A simple example of how Blazor can be used to build single page applications against a known API - in this case the Pokemon API

Licence Used

License: MIT

See the contents of the LICENSE file for details.

Support This Project

If you have found this project helpful, either as a library that you use or as a learning tool, please consider buying me a coffee:

Buy Me A Coffee

Pull Requests

PRs Welcome

Pull requests are welcome, but please take a moment to read the Code of Conduct before submitting them or commenting on any work in this repo.

Docker Image

PokeBlazor is now available on docker hub at gaprogman/pokeblazor. To pull the latest version of the image, run the following command:

docker pull gaprogman/pokeblazor

(the above assumes that you have docker installed and set up on your machine)

To run the image, issue the following command:

docker run -d -p 8080:5000 --name pokeblazor gaprogman/pokeblazor

The above command will:

  • Start a new container called pokeblazor
  • Run the gaprogman/pokeblazor image within it
  • Detach the terminal from the new container
  • Use port 8080 on the host and port 5000 on the container


The following software needs to be installed:

Building and Running the Project

If the sln file is opened with Visual Studio 15.7 or greater, then hitting Ctrl+F5 (or just F5) will start PokeBlazor.Server, which will start the application.

If running from the command line, you will need to cd into the PokeBlazor.Server directory and run:

dotnet run


A Dockerfile has been provided, so you can publish and run a container like so. The example below is accessible on http://localhost:8080

docker build -t pokeblazor .
docker run -p 8080:80 pokeblazor


A Blazor app for requesting data from the Pokemon API







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