Set of semantic-release plugins for publishing a Chrome extension release
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travis npm version PRs Welcome semantic-release

A semantic-release plugin for you to be able to easily publish Chrome Extensions using it's automated release.



Verify the presence of the authentication (set via environment variables).

verifyConditions parameters



Write the correct version to the manifest.json and creates a zip file of the whole dist folder.

prepare parameters

asset: REQUIRED parameter. The filename of the final zip file.

distFolder: The folder that will be zipped. Defaults to dist.

manifestPath: The path of the manifest inside the dist folder. Defaults to <distFolder parameter>/manifest.json.


Uploads the generated zip file to the webstore, and publish the item.

publish parameters

extensionId: REQUIRED parameter. The extension id from the webstore. For example: If the url of your extension is, then the last portion, ikmkicnmahfdilneilgibeppbnolgkaf, will be the extension id. Unfortunately, due to google's restrictions, the plugin can only publish extensions that already exists on the store, so you will have to upload it manually the first time you release.

asset: REQUIRED parameter. The zip file that will be published to the chrome webstore.

target: can be default or trustedTesters. When released using the first, the extension will be publicly available to everyone. when trustedTesters is used, it will be released as a private extension. Defaults to default.


Chrome webstore authentication

You will need a Google API clientId, a clientSecret and a refreshToken. Read the guide..

The Chrome webstore authentication configuration is required and can be set via environment variables.

The following environment variables has to be made available in your CI environment: GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID, GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET, GOOGLE_REFRESH_TOKEN.

Release configs

Use semantic-release-chrome as part of verifyConditions, prepare and publish.

A basic config file example is available below:

  "verifyConditions": ["semantic-release-chrome", "@semantic-release/github"],
  "prepare": [
      "path": "semantic-release-chrome",
      "asset": ""
  "publish": [
      "path": "semantic-release-chrome",
      "asset": "",
      "extensionId": "mppjhhbajcciljocgbadbhbgphjfdmhj"
      "path": "@semantic-release/github",
      "assets": [
          "path": ""

For more info about each config, see the parameters for each plugin.

It is recommended to upload this to your GitHub release page so your users can easily rollback to an earlier version if a version ever introduces a bad bug.