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Chrome is the most popular web browser worldwide as of mid-2017, made by the tech company Google. It's available for most operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux and on multiple platforms such as the desktop, phones, and tablets.

Chrome boasts a minimalistic UI and was the first browser to feature "tabs" above the address bar, a convention that was later implemented in other browsers. Other popular features include things such as Incognito mode, tab sandboxing, and a Web Store with extensions and themes.

Although Chrome is not open source, the majority of the source code is available under the Chromium moniker.

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sedalu commented Apr 13, 2019

Filippo, as we discussed as GothamGo, using mkcert as an infrastructure CA to secure internal service-to-service http calls is probably a use case falls within the mission of mkcert. The readme provides enough detail on how to do this manually, but it warns against "production" use. Please clarify that this use case is not discouraged. Thanks.

djy0 commented Nov 19, 2018


Open this page and open octotree sidebar, you can see a horizontal scrollbar appear at the bottom

Environment (if bug)

  • Octotree version: 2.5.1

  • Browser & version: chrome 70

  • OS & version: windows 10

  • Screenshot, if any (drag an image here)

  • Console error log below

ashwin-yardi-10 commented Sep 29, 2018

Here is the code snippet:

    .on('console', (log, msg) => {
    .on('error', (err) => {
    .inject('js', 'jquery.min.js')
    .evaluate(function () {
        const pageAnchor = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll(
gerardabello commented Jul 1, 2019

In the documentation for Editable input:

onChange - Function callback. Use this to call the onChange function of the parent. Returns an object where the key is the label and the value is the new value.

It is not clear what will happen if I don't provide a label. In 2.14 the onChange received the value instead of an object if no label was provided. I just upgraded to 2.17 and this behavior

jlvdh commented Nov 27, 2018

What is the current behavior?

Crawling a website that uses # (hashes) for url navigation does not crawl the pages that use #

The urls using # are not followed.

If the current behavior is a bug, please provide the steps to reproduce

Try crawling a website like

What is the motivation / use case for changing the behavior?

Though hashes are not ment to chan

carolstran commented Oct 10, 2019

👋 I noticed that there are a couple of instances of words "easily" and "just" in your documentation. Unfortunately, words like this can make people feel frustrated and isolated while reading (myself included, hence the issue) - especially if they are facing issues.

If it's alright with your team, I'd like to take a shot at updating the content to make it more inclusive by removing instance

xcffl commented Feb 8, 2019

如 Firefox 的阅读模式等都会提取作者和发布时间,如 Mozilla 维护的 Readibility.js

    // property is a space-separated list of values
    var propertyPattern = /\s*(dc|dcterm|og|twitter)\s*:\s*(author|creator|description|title|site_name)\s*/gi;

    // name 
pedrouid commented May 23, 2019

Describe the bug
QR Code Scanner fails to scan input fields on Send Transaction view when scanning QR Code contains an EIP-681 URI

Example URI


To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to Send Transaction view
  2. Click on QR Code scanner
  3. Position QR Code in front of Webcam
  4. QR Code scanner closes
pbsds commented Apr 27, 2020

I'll preface this issue by saying i have only used the Web UI so far. Oh, and what a great project!

I am currently having to brute-force my way through when using the web UI to make my theme, which is an indication of a underlying problem: The lack of intention for each shade and accent

Specifically accent1 has no other description than "syntax", and is not showcased at all in the code pr

Hectate commented Apr 10, 2020

I was trying to look up the API for the DebugPanel so I could locate an option to decrease the text size. I'm developing a smaller resolution game and the elements of the panel overlap and are unreadable/unusable at these lower sizes. Upon opening the API and searching/clicking on the DebugPanel link, I'm routed to [](

thernstig commented Apr 9, 2020

🐛 Bug Report

Using jest-dev-server, set a command like:

module.exports = {
  command: 'npm run start',
  launchTimeout: 1000,

If the timeout occurs, you get this message:

Server has taken more than 1000ms to start.

The problem here is that jest-dev-server then never sends the proper signals to the processes started by the command, meaning they get

Created by Google

Released September 2, 2008


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