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import json
import time
import yaml
except ImportError:
exit("This script requires the yaml module\nInstall with: sudo pip install PyYAML")
PINOUT_FILE = 'pinout.yaml'
SETTINGS_FILE = 'settings.yaml'
STRINGS_FILE = 'localised.yaml'
pins = None
settings = None
master_template = open('common/layout.html').read()
def get_setting(setting, default = None):
if setting in settings and settings[setting] != None:
return settings[setting]
return default
def get_string(string, default = None):
if string in strings and strings[string] != None:
return strings[string]
return default
def render_html(*args, **kwargs):
html = master_template
html = html.replace('{{main_content}}',args[0])
html = html.replace('{{footer}}',args[1])
strings = args[2]
for key in strings:
if type(strings[key]) in [str, unicode]:
html = html.replace('{{strings:' + key + '}}', strings[key])
settings = args[3]
for key in settings:
if type(settings[key]) in [str, unicode]:
html = html.replace('{{settings:' + key + '}}', settings[key])
kwargs['v'] = str(int(time.time()))
for key in kwargs:
if type(kwargs[key]) == dict:
for d_key, d_value in kwargs[key].iteritems():
html = html.replace('{{' + key + '_' + d_key + '}}', d_value)
elif type(kwargs[key]) in [str, unicode]:
html = html.replace('{{' + key + '}}', kwargs[key])
return html
def bcm_to_physical(pin):
return physical_from(pin, 'bcm')
def wiringpi_to_physical(pin):
return physical_from(pin, 'wiringpi')
def physical_from(pin, scheme='bcm'):
if scheme in ['bcm', 'wiringpi']:
for idx in pins:
compare_pin = pins[idx]
if 'scheme' in compare_pin:
if scheme in compare_pin['scheme']:
if compare_pin['scheme'][scheme] == int(pin):
#print("Mapping {}{} to {}".format(scheme, pin, str(idx)))
return str(idx)
elif scheme == 'physical':
return pin
return None
def physical_to_bcm(pin):
return physical_to(pin, 'bcm')
def physical_to_wiringpi(pin):
return physical_to(pin, 'wiringpi')
def physical_to(pin, scheme='bcm'):
if scheme in ['bcm', 'wiringpi']:
pin = pins[pin]
if 'scheme' in pin:
if scheme in pin['scheme']:
return str(pin['scheme'][scheme])
elif scheme == 'physical':
return pin
return None
def load(lang='en'):
global pins, settings, strings
if SETTINGS_FILE.endswith('.yaml'):
settings = yaml.load(open('src/{}/{}'.format(lang, SETTINGS_FILE)).read())
settings = json.load(open('src/{}/{}'.format(lang, SETTINGS_FILE)))
if STRINGS_FILE.endswith('.yaml'):
strings = yaml.load(open('src/{}/template/{}'.format(lang, STRINGS_FILE)).read())
strings = json.load(open('src/{}/template/{}'.format(lang, STRINGS_FILE)))
if PINOUT_FILE.endswith('.yaml'):
pinout = yaml.load(open('src/{}/template/{}'.format(lang, PINOUT_FILE)).read())
pinout = json.load(open('src/{}/template/{}'.format(lang, PINOUT_FILE)))
pins = pinout['pins']