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Hyper Metroid Item Randomizer

Downloads: Hyper Metroid Item Randomizer v1.10

Hyper Metroid Randomizer Resources

Full game map reference with item names:
Important technique to know for Hyper Metroid randomizers: Angle Down (L by default) + Down while midair to instant morphball.


  Unlock the 15 Gates to access Tourian and defeat Mother Brain
  Level design modified to prevent morph locks and increase item variety
  Walljumping is required
  Tourian Item may only be obtained after Baby Metroid trigger

Casual Difficulty

  All 100 Items are included
  Varia Suit does not spawn in Norfair / Lower Norfair
  Gravity Suit does not spawn in Maridia / Maridia Depths / Wrecked Ship (past Phantoon)
  Morphing Ball may only spawn in Crateria
  Better distribution on Energy Tanks to assist casual play
  Infinite Bomb Jump is not required (more frequent early space jump spawns)

Veteran Difficulty

  All 100 Items are included
  Experimental Difficulty:
        Gravity Suit may spawn wherever possible
        Varia Suit may not spawn in Lower Nofair
        Certain item combinations for hellruns / gravity suit hellruns may not be possible.
        Certain deep suitless underwater sections may not be possible without High Jump Boots and Springball.
        Morphing Ball may spawn in both Norfair and Crateria.
  Different algorithm for increased randomization
  Decreased frequency of Energy Tanks
  IBJ, midair springball jump, and other advanced techniques are required

An Item Randomizer program for the Super Metroid Romhack called Hyper Metroid.
It's a fork from Dessy's original Super Metroid Randomizer program, that can be found here:


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Hyper Metroid Item Randomizer Changelog

For more information on gameplay changes from the original Super Metroid check it out here

v 1.10

Veteran Difficulty has been added.
Casual Difficulty - Adjusted Energy Tank frequency.
Fixed a bug where collecting Morphing Ball would sometimes give Spring Ball instead.

v 1.00

Casual Difficulty has been added.
Changes the level design of Hyper Metroid. Preventing softlocks due to item randomization and increasing item variety. 
All 100 Items are available in Casual difficulty. 
Morph Locks have been removed from the game. (For better or for worse.)
Fixed a softlock involving Bomb Torizo and Power Bombs.
Ceres has been removed.
Grey Doors at X-Ray and Charge Beam rooms have been adjusted.
Item in Tourian can only be obtained before the Mother Brain.