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Z-Factor Item Randomizer

Downloads: Z-Factor Item Randomizer v1.11

Full Map Reference including item names:

This is a Christmas present for Leodox and Foosda. Thank you for what you do!


  Defeat the 4 main bosses to unlock Tourian and defeat Mother Brain
  Level design modified to prevent softlocks and assist newer players
  Save often!

Casual Difficulty

  All 110 Items are included
  No Hellruns and no Suitless Maridia (Varia does not spawn in Norfair and Gravity does not spawn in Maridia)
  Better distribution on Energy Tanks
  Infinite Bomb Jump is not required (more frequent early space jump spawns)
  All items are revealed to assist casual players

Speedrunner Difficulty

  All 110 Items are included
  Hellruns and Suitless Maridia are possible (Suits can spawn anywhere possible)
  IBJ and a few other advanced techniques are required
  All items are hidden as in vanilla Z-Factor
  Hi Jump Boots may or may not spawn in Maridia
      A player may not leave Suitless Maridia unless Hi Jump Boots is obtained

An Item Randomizer program for the Super Metroid Romhack called Z-Factor.
It's a fork from Dessy's original Super Metroid Randomizer program, that can be found here:


Other Super Metroid Randomizer Links:
Total's Item Randomizer for the original Super Metroid:
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Super Metroid Project Base Item Randomizer:

Z-Factor Item Randomizer Changelog

Gameplay is the same as the Original Super Metroidv


Fixed Morph Ball as Spring Ball glitch (JAM)

v 1.1

Fixed Etecoon Room
Lower Norfair Statue no longer dies to a power bomb
Slight changes made to Speedrunner difficulty randomization
Fixed Item duplication at "Red Tower Secret Chozo"

v 1.0

Casual and Speedrunner difficulties added
Changed the level design of Z-Factor. Preventing early softlocks due to item randomization and increasing item variety.
  Changed BT's grey door
  Elevator Chozo room modified to prevent softlocks
  Old Mother Brain room modified to prevent a softlock
  Room after BT removed bomb blocks to increase item variety and prevent softlocks
  "Red Bluff" room added crumble blocks to prevent a softlock
  Red Tower 2x2 blocks do not respawn to assist newer players
  Custom Chozo Boss grey door removed to prevent softlocks to assist newer players
  Crocomire Power Bombs include an alternate escape route to increase item variety
  Super Secret Room has been nerfed
  Power Bomb blocks at "Lake Tank" location have been removed to prevent softlocks and increase item variety
  Spore Spawn entrance added alternate escape to prevent softlocks and increase item variety
  Norfair "5 Red Pirates Room" removed grey door to prevent a softlock
  Fixed a crouch stuck in "Norfair Lobby"
  Added a weakness to "Spikesuit Chozo"
  Added slopes near Dachoras Pipes to prevent a softlock
  Added minor visual hint to "Wife" item
  Added alternate escape path near Wave Beam to prevent a softlock
  "ilovesupersblock" in WS does not respawn to prevent softlocks
  Removed WS gravity jump puzzle to prevent a softlock
  Modified a quicksand room to prevent a stuck
  and probably more


Super Metroid romhack randomizer



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