A colleciton of CTF write-ups all using pwntools
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A collection of CTF write-ups all using pwntools


  • libc++1 (2014/gits-teaser/citadel)
  • pwntools (master branch from github, and ofc. all dependencies for pwntools)

Known Issues

Some of the tests are a bit finnicky, both due to pwntools and the services themselves.

  • Some services cannot be re-run immediately (services without REUSEADDR)
  • Services that aren't working:
    • 2013/pctf/ropasaurus
    • 2014/defcon-quals/babyfirst-heap
    • 2014/defcon-quals/bbgp

If other tests are failing or there are other issues (e.g. services still running after the test), then please file an issue.