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Gamocosm Minecraft Flavours

Official setup scripts used by Gamocosm for different flavours of Minecraft servers. Read this wiki page for instructions on adding support for new flavours.


  • give credit to the server/modpack developers
  • the script should not make any assumptions about where it is run, and install the server in the current directory
  • Gamocosm will run the script as root, and recursively chown the Minecraft folder (for mcuser)
  • you can use pushd <dir> and popd instead of cd <dir>
  • chmod u+x the scripts
  • a $MINECRAFT_FLAVOUR_VERSION environment variable will be provided
  • be idempotent (as best as possible)
    • delete any files that may exist beforehand (e.g. from a failed installation) that could cause conflicts
  • don't delete/modify anything else you don't have to
  • cleanup any intermediate files and folders
  • look at the existing scripts for examples/templates