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Linux bridge utils
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AAmamou trill: add setvni stderr redirection
add error redirection to stderr if setvni failed

Signed-off-by: Ahmed Amamou <>
Latest commit a42ed4e Jul 24, 2014


This version of the bridge utilities is for Linux 2.4 and 2.6,
it uses the sysfs interface if possible on Linux 2.6.

The code repository is:

Advantages of the new code are:
- Support for multiple bridge port groups (i.e. multiple independent
  bridges in one machine).
- Each bridge is seen as a logical device, which allows you to do
  firewalling between port groups for example.
- Everything is dynamic; bridges are created dynamically using the
  userspace configuration tool, ports are 'enslaved' dynamically, etc.
- It is being actively maintained.
- It uses a hash table for MAC addresses, not an AVL tree.
- It's small (currently 4 pages of i386 code) and modular.
- The source isn't a mess.
- It works as a module.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please send email to
the mailing list

Files in this package:

AUTHORS		Authors of this package

COPYING		The GNU General Public License.

Makefile	Recursive Makefile.

README		This file.

brctl/		The userspace bridge configuration tool.

		A .spec file for Red Hat package building. "rpm -tb
		<tar.gz file>" ought to give you a .RPM file.

doc/		Some documentation files.

libbridge/	The bridge configuration interface library.

misc/		Miscellaneous utilities.
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