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From two partners in 2012 to a creative company independently owned based in London & Lisbon.

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  1. react-native-static-safe-area-insets react-native-static-safe-area-insets Public

    React Native package that exposes the Safe Area Insets as constants

    Java 119 21

  2. visio-ml visio-ml Public

    Annotate images for Apple's Create ML Export in JSON format

    Swift 24 5

  3. SwiftUIKeyboardHost SwiftUIKeyboardHost Public

    SwiftUI keyboard helper to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up and cover TextField

    Swift 19 3

  4. react-native-infinite-swiper react-native-infinite-swiper Public

    React Native package that wraps react-native-viewpager and adds infinite loop & touch margins

    JavaScript 10 2

  5. react-native-add-image react-native-add-image Public

    Pops up a dialog with the upload option or take photo, and cancel as well. Under the hood we are using the react-native-image-picker package and its two main functions: launchCamera and launchImage…

    JavaScript 6

  6. polyglot-react-redux-sdk polyglot-react-redux-sdk Public

    SDK for a React and Redux app architecture to easily connect to a Polyglot project.

    JavaScript 3 1


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