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3D printer firmware and hardware of for stm32
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3D printer firmware and hardware for stm32

Why we split the project into two versions

Yes, they have almost same code. At the beginning, we compiled the code in IAR and it works fine. But it was not very easy for people to use and then we decided to do code transplant from IAR to eclipse. But we found the eclipse version was not stable and it may has hidden trouble in long-time running. so our machines still using the IAR version at the bottom.

What's the project plan

We decide to focus on the eclipse version in the future, hoping our users can use the firmware more easily. We also welcome people who interested in this project to join us to improve printer performing.

What's included

Folder Description
STM32f103r source code of this project
tools mini scripts for using firmwares or controlling motor


Company Production
Geeetech A30 / E180 / 301

How to compile STM32

1. Install Java environment

You can download JDK from here (32bits) or Java official website

2. Download and unzip project source code and toolchain

You can find all the downloads here

3. Import the project into Eclipse

4. Change arm gcc tool chain path

In Eclipse, follow the menu "Window"->"Preferences", and then "MCU"->"Global ARM Toolchains Paths"->Browse and choose the path of toolchains bin

5. Build the project


GPL v2

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