A Timer to help the Geeks think about talking tech, not hitting the breaks.
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GeekSpeak Show Timer
GeekSpeak Show TimerTests



During the recording of GeekSpeak, we need to plan for an inexactly placed break and a precise show length. This is the timer we use to make that as easy as possible.

Updated to KBCZ 2 section 59 minute timer

2 equal sections at 29.5 mintes each.



  • Create About viewController to explain

    • what GeepSeak is
    • who I am
    • request feedback about developing the app into a genera purpose timer
  • Create graphics for Add & Remove seconds buttons.

  • Add socket connection to GeekSpeak.org API

    • use site for syncing concurrent timers
    • keep histery of past timers
    • sync pending bits to a table view
    • tapping on a bit marks the time and posts to site
  • Add tracking of all pause/play events

  • Add GameKit discovery and networking between timers on multiple devices

  • Layout issues

    • Fix labels under show times to scale based on text width
  • Abstract out the hard coded definition of 3 segments with one minute breaks, into a definition file. Auto generate views based on this definition, allowing multiple show formats



(this version is tagged but, the tag isn't showing up in github for some reason)

This is the initial version of the timer and used on the 8/3/15 recording of the show (aired 8/8/15). It is useable, but truely a beta release. Many views don't have any layout code and you can get the app in an unusable state on iPhones. Here is a video demo of this version

Architecture choices:

Sharing Timer object between multiple view controllers

  • Using the SplitViewController or App Delegate as a central place to create a Timer property that the viewControllers can look it up from
    • Easy
    • Tightly Coupled. The ViewControllers need to know about where to find the Time property
    • Limits app to using a single Timer
      • What if I want to save past Timers and use the same view controller to display it again?
  • Create a singlton to vend a Timer to the viewControllers
    • Only slightly less coupled than above. Has all the same problems, only without needing to know where to find the property
  • Don't lookup the Timer, but instead use the Notification Center to subscribe to and use the Notification object.
    • Incomplete:
      • Either I subscribe to all notifications of a type, and can only ever display one timer at a time
      • Or I need to know which instance of a timer to subscibe to, in which case I need to pass in the Timer object to the viewController before receiving notifications
  • Dependancy injection
    • Does everything I want. But, I am