Yubigo is a Yubikey client API library that provides an easy way to integrate the Yubico Yubikey into your existing Go-based user authentication infrastructure.
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Yubigo is a Yubikey client API library that provides an easy way to integrate the Yubikey into any Go application.


Installation is simple. Use go get: go get github.com/GeertJohan/yubigo


Make sure to import the library: import "github.com/GeertJohan/yubigo"

For use with the default Yubico servers, make sure you have an API key. Request a key.

Basic OTP checking usage:

// create a new yubiAuth instance with id and key
yubiAuth, err := yubigo.NewYubiAuth("1234", "fdsaffqaf4vrc2q3cds=")
if err != nil {
	// probably an invalid key was given

// verify an OTP string
result, ok, err := yubiAuth.Verify("ccccccbetgjevivbklihljgtbenbfrefccveiglnjfbc")
if err != nil {

if ok {
	// succes!! The OTP is valid!
	log.Printf("Used query was: %s\n", result.GetRequestQuery()) // this query string includes the url of the api-server that responded first.
} else {
	// fail! The OTP is invalid or has been used before.
	log.Println("The given OTP is invalid!!!")

Do not verify HTTPS certificate:

// Disable HTTPS cert verification. Use true to enable again.

HTTP instead of HTTPS:

// Disable HTTPS. Use true to enable again.

Custom API server:

// Set a list of n servers, each server as host + path. 
// Do not prepend with protocol
yubiAuth.SetApiServerList("api0.server.com/api/verify", "api1.server.com/api/verify", "otherserver.com/api/verify")


This project is licensed under a Simplified BSD license. Please read the LICENSE file.


  • Test files
  • More documentation
  • Getters/Setters for some options on the YubiAuth object.

Protocol & Package documentation

This project is implementing a pure-Go Yubico OTP Validation Client and is following the Yubico Validation Protocol Version 2.0.

You will find "go doc"-like package documentation at go.pkgdoc.org.