Export assets for Android, iOS, Windows Phone in Sketch
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Export assets for Android, iOS, Windows Phone in Sketch.

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The actual location of your Sketch plugins directory will vary. To open it just click on the Reveal Plugins Folder under the Plugins menu in sketch.

Run following command after going to the sketch plugins folder:

git clone git@github.com:GeertWille/sketch-export-assets.git


Use Sketch Toolbox

Once you have checked out the plugin repository into the relevant directory, you'll find the plugin functions under the Plugins menu in Sketch.


  • Base density


  • iOS Export: ctrl + alt + shift + 1
  • Android Export: ctrl + alt + shift + 2
  • Windows Export: ctrl + alt + shift + 3

Adding Padding to slices

From now on you can manually decide how big you want your exported asset to be. Just include a slicelayer in the group of that asset and it will not use the size of the group but the size of that slicelayer...


This plugin is based on zmaltalker's project sketch-android-assets. I needed to export my assets to multiple platforms that's why I extended his project to cover other platforms.