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Scalable Hashing-Based Network Discovery

Version 1.0.


This repository hosts the code for our IEEE ICDM 2017 paper and follow-up KAIS journal paper on inferring networks from time series efficiently:

Tara Safavi, Chandra Sripada, Danai Koutra. Scalable Hashing-Based Network Discovery. IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, 2017.

Tara Safavi, Chandra Sekhar Sripada, Danai Koutra: Fast network discovery on sequence data via time-aware hashing. Knowl. Inf. Syst. 61(2): 987-1017 (2019)

Link to the conference paper:

Link to the journal paper:

Overview of hashing-based network discovery

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To run, change directories to the discovery directory and type make. This will generate a sample graph from synthetic data using the pairwise correlation and window LSH methods.


If you have questions about the code, please email Tara Safavi at