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GeoStat Framework

Python framework for geostatistical simulations


  1. GSTools Public

    GSTools - A geostatistical toolbox: random fields, variogram estimation, covariance models, kriging and much more

    Python 406 62

  2. PyKrige Public

    Kriging Toolkit for Python

    Python 606 172

  3. ogs5py Public

    A Python-API for the OpenGeoSys 5 scientific modeling package.

    Python 18 7

  4. welltestpy Public

    A python-package for handling well based field campaigns.

    Python 30 7

  5. AnaFlow Public

    A python-package containing analytical solutions for the groundwater flow equation

    Python 28 5

  6. pentapy Public

    A Python toolbox for pentadiagonal linear systems

    Python 9 3


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