World Programming Language
C C++
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This is an alpha release. For testing only. Use at your own risk. Do not distribute.

To run a test
Pick one of the world_* files and rename it to 'world' - then make it executable. (Rename 'world_win32.exe' to 'world.exe' under Windows).
Also download "cortex.w", "user.w" and the libs/, mezz/ and test/ directories (or just the whole ZIP).
Start world from a terminal.
At the world prompt do this:

w> .		; run the Hello, World! program
w> test		; should return true
w> m		; will run a Mandelbrot example

If it behaves this way, you are ready to go.

World at GitHub:

Have fun!

To get help at the World prompt:

w> help

Known issues

- The memory handling system can't cope with cyclic references.

- Operators don't support literals as their first argument, as functions do, and they don't take refinements.