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Robosodium was born as a fork of kalium-jni. With this library you will be able to compile libsodium for Android platforms and automatically create the wrapper for the JNI.

Credits to:

How to

  1. First of all download this repository and its submodules:
$ git clone
$ git submodule init 
$ git submodule update
  1. Start from first clone:
$ ./
  1. Build JNI for Linux instead of Android:
$ ./ linux
  1. Where to find the compiled libs:
cd libs # Libs for Android using the architecture dirs
cd linux_lib # Lib for Linux. To be used copy to /usr/lib for example. Or just place anywhere you want
  1. If something goes wrong or you want to run again some parts of the compilation, just call the following scripts: # Start and run all the scripts # First update aptitude cache and install necessary packages # Build libsodium with jni for linux. # Download the required Android NDK # Compile Libsodium for Android # Generate the JNI library (*.so)

Build AAR

On Linux, simply run:

$ ./build_aar

On OS X, ensure that you have SWIG, Android SDK and NDK installed, and your JAVA_HOME, ANDROID_HOME, ANDROID_NDK_HOME set, then run:

$ ./build_aar_osx


Each part has its own software license, including:


Quick scripted compilation of Libsodium for Android




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