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- countLines: A method for counting the lines in a string (only \n!)
- createString(String, int): A method for creating a string on basis of
occurrences of a base string
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TOVAL: Toms Java Library

Library with classes for common programming issues


TOVAL comprises a set of java classes for common programming issues. It includes utils for arrays, lists, sets and collections for convenient handling and modification, but also support for mathematic definitions concerning logic (clauses + resolution) together with some algorithms for permutations, powersets and resolution. Additionally it contains a number of types for multisets, matrices with object keys and much more.


  • Constraint Specification (numerical and string)
  • Debugging features (rudimentary)
  • File Handling
  • Graphical Utils
  • Graphical Statistical Diagrams
  • Mathematical Utils (permutations, truth tables, binomial coeff., logic, ...)
  • Time Utils (intervals, time scale and conversion)
  • Parameter validation
  • Random value generation
  • Utils for collections, arrays, lists, sets, strings

Latest Release

The most recent release is TOVAL 1.0.2, released January 22, 2016.

To add a dependency on TOVAL using Maven, use the following:


Older Releases

Older releases can be found under