On-calculator flashcard viewing/editing suite for the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition
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Study is a completely on-calculator flashcard and self-quiz suite in TI-BASIC for the TI-84 Plus CE (it's untested on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-83 Premium CE, and TI-84 Plus CE-T but may still work).


Italicized items are untested but would probably work.

  • Calculator Hardware
    • TI-84 Plus CE
    • TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition
    • TI-83 Premium CE
    • TI-84 Plus CE-T
  • Calculator Software
    • TI-OS >= v5.2
    • TI-OS < v5.2
  • Computer Hardware
    • Desktop or laptop with at least one USB port and Internet connectivity (what a surprise!)
  • Computer Software
    • macOS, an at-least-relatively-sane Linux distro, Windows (though who would want to use that garbage from Redmond?), or any other operating system that meets all of the other requirements
    • TI-Connect CE or any other TI calculator link program that supports the color-screen calculators