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The nginx-extras project, as part of GetPageSpeed repositories is your source of secure, well-maintained packages of NGINX and its 50+ modules.

Production-ready, quality binary RPM packages for NGINX Brotli, PageSpeed, dynamic ETags, ModSecurity modules (and many more), all available for installation via yum/dnf, giving you ability to configure your ultimate performant and secure NGINX setup.

Available by subscription, it is a budget Nginx Plus alternative, for CentOS/RHEL!

For sysadmins this allows to:

  • install prebuilt CentOS/RHEL packages for virtually any NGINX module, without compilation
  • save time, any module can be installed in seconds
  • save production systems from pollution by compilation software

For module authors this allows to:

  • deliver your module as installable package in ten minutes
  • automatic rebuilds when you tag new release of your module (within 24 hrs)
  • automatic rebuilds against newly released NGINX versions

Install any module whatsoever in CentOS/RHEL 6, 7, 8

Step 1. Install repository configuration for your OS

sudo yum -y install

Step 2. Enable installing modules for mainline NGINX (if you must)

sudo yum -y install yum-utils
sudo yum-config-manager --enable getpagespeed-extras-mainline

Step 3. Install the module, e.g. cache-purge

sudo yum -y install nginx-module-cache-purge

Module Requirements (for authors)

The module requirements are pretty straightforward and most of module repositories already follow it:

  • Hosted on GitHub
  • Tag releases with sane version numbers. Repositories without any version tag can't build. Pre-releases / beta versions are detected and not built
  • config file in the root of repository must support compiling as dynamic module

Submit your module for build

  • Fork the repository
  • Create modules/<handle>.yml file and specify parameters like the example below. The handle should be unique. The resulting package will have name nginx-module-<handle>, e.g. nginx-module-foo
  • Submit pull request. That's it! Your module will be automatically built against both stable and mainline NGINX. Check it within 10 mins here (for mainline NGINX) and here (for stable NGINX). If it doesn't appear, raise an issue.

Sample module.yml

repo: openresty/srcache-nginx-module
summary: Transparent subrequest-based caching layout for arbitrary NGINX locations
description: |
  This module provides a transparent caching layer for arbitrary nginx
  locations (like those use an upstream or even serve static disk files).

  The caching behavior is mostly compatible with RFC 2616.
soname: ngx_http_srcache_filter_module
  • repo (required): GitHub repository in format <owner>/<name>
  • summary: short (up to 70 characters) summary of the module
  • description: longer description of the module
  • soname (required): basename of dynamic module filename
  • release_ticket: a URL to the original GitHub project, requesting to tag a release. This is the way to link back to the original project when we have to fork it for the sake of packaging or including important fixes
  • build_requires allows you to specify external devel library dependencies, e.g.:
  - hiredis-devel

Version is automatically detected from your latest release, using lastversion. Make sure that your latest release has a LICENSE if you want it to be included in resulting RPM!

Caveats (for module authors)

Some modules have a pretty sophisticated RPM logic. One is example is nginx-module-pagespeed: it needs custom SELinux policy, among other things. Don't worry, we still build those modules elsewhere, and they are available through our repository same as any module that is built through this sytem.

If your module is one of those, raise an issue here.

99% of modules can be still built through this system.

Caveats (for sysadmins)

Using our repository implies you take all the risks associated with using an unofficial repository. Purchase Nginx Plus subscription if not sure :)


Submit your NGINX module for build in GetPageSpeed extras RPM repository





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