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Angels addons - locales

#Adds translations for Angel's mods.

GitHub issues CrowdIn GitHub license

I have licensed this mode from a previous author. localization mod for Angel's mods for Factorio. Feel free to contribute on Crowdin! If you can help me translate into another language, please contact me. Discussion and E-mail

XMKTP+(Xagros's Mods Korean Translation Project+)

팩토리오 모드 한글화 프로젝트입니다. 검수 및 번역 작업에 이상이 있을 시 쓰레드나 이메일로 연락 바랍니다.

Discussion and

Thank you for downloaded this mod. 이외의 사이트 배포는 불허합니다. 공유가 필요 할 시 사이트 링크로 대체해주세요.

##Translations list Nederlands (13%) Deutsch(77%) le français(75%) Español(6%) 日本語(90%) 한국어(100%) Polski(78%) русском(90%) 中文 - 简体字(簡體字)(73%) 中文 - 繁體字(繁体字)(86%)

##Big thanks ppaasman (Nederlands) lennardjones, blackerking, Jonas Siewert, Oliver Stotzem, Karosieben (Deutsch) Firerazer (le français) Shirutan (日本語) sore68, Choi, 둥둥, Jung, River Sand, Lee, Kim, Beak, 안롤드로이드 (한국어) Damgam, Kamil Czesak, Igor Frelikowski, Cylindryk Cylindrykowy (Polski) Anton Klimovich, dima74, destunt, diraria, Dmitry Murzin, Dmitry Korotkov, bmidik25, Hormister, AleksTJ, AlberTT (русском) aspd199 (中文 - 简体字) IamIpanda, Gallons, k98a (中文 - 繁體字) OZMQ, Samuel Shaaban (Español) Junior Lopes (Português, brasileiro)

##Mod list Angel's Addons - C.A.B. Angel's Addons - Decorations - Nilaus Angel's Addons - Ore Silos Angel's Addons - Petrochem Train Angel's Addons - Pressure Tanks Angel's Addons - Decorations - ShredNation Angel's Addons - Smelting Train Angel's Addons - Warehouses Angel's Bio Processing [ALPHA UPDATE] Angel's Exploration (BETA) Angel's Industries Angel's Infinite Ores Angel's Petro Chemical Processing Angel's Refining Angel's Smelting

##Third party mods Angel's Smelting Patch Angel's Petrochem NaOH PetrochemPlus

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