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GitGuardian is a developer-first solution scanning GitHub activity in real-time for API secret tokens, database credentials, certificates, ...

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GitGuardian is the code security platform for the DevOps generation.

With automated secrets detection and remediation, our platform enables Dev, Sec, and Ops to advance together towards the Secure Software Development Lifecycle.

We offer multiple tools to help keep their secrets safe and out of their source code:

  • GitGuardian Public Monitoring
    GitGuardian monitors GitHub round the clock for your secrets and sensitive data. We catch the leaks, you stop the intrusions.

  • GitGuardian Internal Monitoring
    Enforce security rules across your VCS, DevOps tools, and infrastructure-as-code configurations – with GitGuardian’s code security policy engine.

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In addition to our monitoring platform offerings, GitGuardian is also proud to offer several open source tools found in this GitHub org. You can find more about these and future projects by visiting GitGuardian Labs:

  • ggshield
    A CLI application that runs in your local environment or in a CI environment to help you detect more than 350 types of secrets, as well as other potential security vulnerabilities or policy breaks.

  • ggcanary
    A simple Terraform configuration to create and manage GitGuardian Canary Tokens used to monitor for unauthorized access or tampering.

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We are hiring! If you have a passion for security and helping developers keep their secrets safe, check out our Careers page and join us!


  1. APISecurityBestPractices APISecurityBestPractices Public

    Resources to help you keep secrets (API keys, database credentials, certificates, ...) out of source code and remediate the issue in case of a leaked API key. Made available by GitGuardian.

    1.9k 91

  2. ggshield ggshield Public

    Find and fix 360+ types of hardcoded secrets and 70+ types of infrastructure-as-code misconfigurations.

    Python 1.5k 131

  3. py-gitguardian py-gitguardian Public

    Python API client library for the GitGuardian API

    Python 70 15

  4. ggshield-action ggshield-action Public

    GitGuardian Shield GitHub Action - Find exposed credentials in your commits

    321 18


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