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(2016 archive) A tiny shell written in Batch.
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I found this while cleaning out some ancient Dropbox account. It's a 13k lines batch file "compiled" with some weird niche software that emulates a unix-like "operating system" (a few commands on a CLI shell).

I wrote this back in 2016 while bored as shit in some high school classroom.

It has some interestingly horrible features like storing passwords in cleartext in %APPDATA% and an ftp-based package manager - which sadly doesn't work anymore as the infrastructure powering it died a long time ago.

Starting up.

The boot log at the start might remind you of something. It's actually from the Hacknet hacker-simulation video game that came out just the year before, in 2015.


For some reason the color display is broken on my modern, high-DPI laptop. The script renders on a 25x80 surface.

The prompt. B:)

The main prompt screen, right after login. The script creates a unix-like root directory structure at %APPDATA%\BatchOS and mounts it to a B: drive using subst, so the path on the prompt is actually the real cwd of the script.

Notice how the prompt ends with a right parenthesis ) instead of the habitual chevron >. I suspect this is because running echo $pwd$> will understand > as an stdout redirection, and I wasn't smart enough to put it inside double quotes.

The BPM package manager's help section.

Here you can see the help page for bpm, the integrated package manager. Unfortunately the page hasn't been archived by the Wayback Machine... It was a PHPbb board where anybody could submit programs to be available through BPM.

I don't think anyone ever did 😅

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