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The random (fake!) quote generator.
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Hackerman Quote Generator


🐦 @hackermanwtf | 🌍

Generate your own hackerman quotes


Hollywood and the media in general loves to portrait hackers as these beings that make computers do anything! They just have to type fast enough, or at least faster than the hacker on the other side.

In countless shows and movies, characters say a lot of nonsense to sound like a real badass hacker.

If you also want to sound like a badass hacker but struggle to learn the basics of computer engineering, don't worry, we got you covered!

We created this sentence generator to make nonsense hacker quotes.
Grammatically (more or less) correct English sentences mixed with buzzwords to sound very technical, but don't make any sense.

Why? Because we can! But also because it's fun and these quotes make great jokes and can be used as placeholder text and descriptions.

One more thing... just a generator alone would be boring, so we are hosting a website where anyone can easily get their daily dose of hacker quotes.
Oh and we are creating an API for anyone to use.
(Who needs Lorem-Ipsum when you can fill your website with hacker quotes!)



Twitter Account

Follow @hackermanwtf to get your daily dose of hackerman quotes!


Online API

Visit to learn about the online API.

Local Generator Script

The magic happens in generator/

You can just run the script using python3

That's not enough for you? Try python3 1000!

You are a robot? Try python3 10 json!

The script expects 3 arguments: python3 [number_of_quotes] [format] [seed].
[number_of_quotes] is self expandatory (default = 1), [format] can be csv or json (default = csv), [seed] is a random seed string.

Credits & Resources




This software is licensed under the MIT License. See the license file for details.

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