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Tools for parsing the latest US Consumer Price Index and doing inflation calculations
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THIS LIBRARY NO LONGER WORKS. Apparently the Bureau of Labor Statistics changed their site after August 2013 and this library no longer works. I don't know if or when I'll have a chance to fix it.

Tools for parsing the latest US Consumer Price Index

To install::

    pip install UsCpi


    easy_install UsCpi


In python::

    from uscpi import UsCpi
    cpi = UsCpi() # downloads the latest CPI data

    # $100 in 2012 is worth how much in 1980?
    cpi.value_with_inflation(100, 2012, 1980)

or command line::

    user@computer:~$ python uscpi/ [filename]

The command line version will output a CSV file of the latest US Consumer Price Index, taken from this site:

This tool also comes with an inflation calculator as demonstrated in the python example above.

Source is at Github:

If you just want the CSV, you should be able to download the latest version here:
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