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Goldenberg Lab

This is the organization for Amit Goldenberg's lab on GitHub.


  1. lab-helper-codes lab-helper-codes Public

    Helpful guides and examples to make life easier.

    Python 10

  2. naming-and-documentation-conventions naming-and-documentation-conventions Public

    Naming conventions are helpful practices that teams follow to write code together.


  3. r-project-template r-project-template Public template

    The goal of this template is to unify the process of analyzing data in the lab. This template that is easy to replicate and follow across many different projects. We expect this template to fit alm…

    HTML 3

  4. python-project-template python-project-template Public template

    Template for Python Projects in Goldenberg Lab

    Jupyter Notebook

  5. .github .github Public

    Default repository health files for all repositories within this organization.


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