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MIT License

Copyright (c) 2018 GoodDollar
Copyright (c) 2019 eToroX Labs

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
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[![Coverage Status](](
# [GoodDollar]( - GoodContracts
[![Coverage Status](](
[![License: MIT](](

# Contributing
Everyone is welcome: Developers, designers, and entrepreneurs with a passion for decentralized technologies and a vision to build a new world that has equality, security, inclusivity, and innovation as its cornerstones.
Refer to [GoodDocs]( for further information.

# Try GoodDollar
## Usage
To test the library and setup the development environment, issue the following commands in a shell:
npm install
npm run test # compile and test
## Deploying GoodDollar

Open the truffle console, exporting your passphrase and [infura]( API key
MNEMONIC=<YOUR_PASSPHRASE> INFURA_API=<YOUR_API_KEY> $(npm bin)/truffle console --network <NETWORK>
Once the console is open, compile the contracts and run the migration script

### Prerequisites
You need to have [`node`]( installed.
This repository has only been tested on UNIX-derived systems.

## Getting started
See [separate document](docs/

## Files
Path | Description
------------- | -------------
`contracts/` | All the solidity files making up the implementation
`contracts/token` | Contains the GoodDollar implementation
`contracts/token/ERC677` | ERC677 implementation
`contracts/identity` | Defines the identity implementation, i.e. adding claimers and blacklisting
`contracts/dao` | Contains the daocreator for creating DAOs
`contracts/dao/schemes` | Contains different schemes that can be deployed, registered and used within the DAO
`contracts/mocks` | Contracts used specifically for testing purposes
`test/` | Contains testing code
`scripts/` | Specific scripts for testing and coverage

## Community
Below you can find a comprehensive list of useful links.
* Check out our [community]( website
* Check out our [Blog](
* Join the Gooddollar Alpha by signing up [here]( and validating your identity
* Contribute to the code on our [GitHub](
* Join our community forum [here](
* Become an ambassador [here](
* Request a sponsorship [here](
* Follow us on [Twitter](
* Join our [Telegram]( group
* Like and subscribe on [Facebook](
* Check out our [YouTube]( video channel
* Subscribe to our [Medium]( blog
* View our [terms and conditions](

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