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A Sample WordPress-based Progressive Web App
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Progressive WordPress (PWP)

A Sample WordPress-based Progressive Web App.

Local Development



Install all the dependencies (use Node 8 or newer)

$ npm install

and build the theme

$ npm run build

For continuous builds, run

$ npm run watch


The Docker setup is a network consisting of Caddy, Apache2/PHP7 and a MySQL container. The image for the Apache2/PHP7 container is based on the official Wordpress Docker image. It is also published to the Docker Hub if you don’t want to build locally. WordPress also needs a MySQL server for which the official MySQL Docker image is used. Caddy is added to the mix for easy local HTTP/2 development.

$ docker pull surma/progressivewordpress # if you don’t want to build locally
$ docker-compose up -d

The WordPress install wizard is now available at http://localhost:8080. If you want to use HTTP/2 during development, you have to:

  • point to using /etc/hosts
  • trust the certficiate in caddy/certs
  • navigate to instead

Once installed, make sure to enable the theme “surmblog” and set the permalink style to “Post name”.

Apache 2.0

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