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This repo contains a descriptive wiki and boilerplate copies of, LICENSE, and files for use by other repos in this collection.

Project Name

Project description.

See our other Google Cloud Platform github repos for sample applications and scaffolding for other frameworks and use cases.

Run Locally

  1. Install the Google Cloud SDK, including the gcloud tool, and gcloud app component.
  2. Setup the gcloud tool.

    gcloud components update app
    gcloud auth login
    gcloud config set project <your-app-id>

    You don't need a valid app-id to run locally, but will need a valid id to deploy below.

  3. Clone this repo.

    git clone<REPO NAME>.git
  4. Run this project locally from the command line.

    gcloud preview app run <REPO NAME>/
  5. Visit the application at http://localhost:8080.


  1. Use the Cloud Developer Console to create a project/app id. (App id and project id are identical)
  2. Configure gcloud with your app id.

    gcloud config set project <your-app-id>
  3. Use the Admin Console to view data, queues, and other App Engine specific administration tasks.
  4. Use gcloud to deploy your app.

    gcloud preview app deploy <REPO NAME>/
  5. Congratulations! Your application is now live at

Contributing changes


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