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Cloud Code for Visual Studio Code: Issues, Documentation and more
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Cloud Code for Visual Studio Code

Cloud Code for VS Code extends VS Code to bring all the power and convenience of IDEs to developing cloud-native Kubernetes applications. With Google’s command-line container tools like skaffold and kubectl under the hood, Cloud Code gives you local, continuous feedback on your project as you build it, extending this local edit-compile-debug loop to create cloud-native Kubernetes environments, on your workstation or in the cloud. Support for deployment profiles lets you define different environments, like local development, shared development, test, or production, so you can easily test and debug on your workstation or in the cloud.

New App, Deploy and Debug

Create a new application, deploy it to a remote Kubernetes cluster and live debug in seconds!

New App, Deploy and Debug

Key Features

  • Support for Go, Node, Java, and Python
  • Rapid Edit, Package, Deploy loop to your K8s cluster
  • Integrated Debugging and Log Viewing/Streaming
  • Snippets, completions, and linting for K8s artifacts
  • Profile support for dev, test and production environments
  • Cluster management, resource browsing and inspection of K8s clusters
  • Cluster creation supporting Google GKE, Amazon EKS and Azure AKS
  • Support for Custom Resources (CRDs) e.g. Istio, KNative


  • Learn More: Learn more about the Cloud Code project and what it has to offer.
  • Documentation: We have a lot of features to explore head over to our documentation to find out.
  • FAQ: A list of frequently asked questions you may run into.
  • Prerequisites: A list of prerequisites to use the Cloud Code for VS Code.
  • Sample Applications: We have starter applications for Node, Python, Go, C# and Java.
  • File an Issue: If you discover an issue please file a bug and we will fix it as soon as possible.
  • Request a Feature: If you have any feature requests, ideas for improvement and general feedback please submit a feature request.
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