Managed Certificates for Kubernetes clusters using GCLB
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Managed Certificates in GKE

Managed Certificates in GKE simplify user flow in managing HTTPS traffic. Instead of manually acquiring an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority, configuring it on the load balancer and renewing it on time, now it is only necessary to create a Managed Certificate k8s Custom Resource object and provide a domain for which you want to obtain a certificate. The certificate will be auto-renewed when necessary.

For that to work you need to run your cluster on a platform with Google Cloud Load Balancer, that is a cluster in GKE or your own cluster in GCP.



  1. You need to use Kubernetes 1.10 or newer.
  2. Configure your domain so that it points at the load balancer created for your cluster by Ingress.


To install Managed Certificates in your own cluster on GCP, you need to:

  1. Deploy the Managed Certficate CRD
$ kubectl create -f deploy/managedcertificates-crd.yaml
  1. Deploy the managed-certificate-controller
$ kubectl create -f deploy/managed-certificate-controller.yaml


  1. Create a Managed Certificate custom object, specifying a single non-wildcard domain not longer than 63 characters, for which you want to obtain a certificate:
kind: ManagedCertificate
  name: example-certificate
  1. Configure Ingress to use this custom object to terminate SSL connections:
kubectl annotate ingress [your-ingress-name]

If you need, you can specify more multiple managed certificates here, separating their names with commas.

Clean up

You can do the below steps in any order and doing even one of them will turn SSL off:

  • Remove annotation from Ingress
kubectl annotate ingress [your-ingress-name]

(note the minus sign at the end of annotation name)

  • Tear down the controller
$ kubectl delete -f deploy/managed-certificate-controller.yaml
  • Tear down the Managed Certificate CRD
$ kubectl delete -f deploy/managedcertificates-crd.yaml