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Cloud Tools for PowerShell

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This repository contains PowerShell cmdlets for interacting with the Google Cloud Platform. You can use Cloud Tools for PowerShell to manage your existing cloud resources or create new ones.


You can install Cloud Tools for PowerShell from the PowerShell gallery by running Install-Module GoogleCloud. When you first use the module, you will be prompted to install the Google Cloud SDK. Select yes and the module will download and install the SDK.

Alternatively, you can install the Google Cloud SDK directly by downloading and installing the installer (the instruction is in the link). Cloud Tools for PowerShell will be included in the SDK by default.

Cloud Tools for PowerShell uses your Cloud SDK credentials. So if you have not already, run gcloud auth login or gcloud init to login.


You can learn more about Cloud Tools for PowerShell, with Quick Start and How-To guides, at

You can see a full cmdlet reference at:


To get help on using these cmdlets, please log an issue with this project. While we will eventually be able to offer support on StackOverflow, but for now your best bet is to contact the dev team directly.

Patches are encouraged, and may be submitted by forking this project and submitting a Pull Request. See for more information.


Apache 2.0. See LICENSE for more information.