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An example Python script that uses PyCrypto and requests to demonstrate using signed URLs
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Google Cloud Storage Signed URLs Example

This script is an example of using a service account's private key to create signatures required for clients to access Google Cloud Storage using signed URL authentication.

Required Dependencies

The following third-party Python modules are required:

The easiest way to install the dependencies is to run:

pip install -r requirements.txt


The file must be copied to and the variables in the file must be filled in. See the example file for explanation of each variable.

Example Flow

The example script's flow is as follows:

  • Generates a signature for a PUT request and uses it to upload a new file.
  • Generates a signature for a GET request and uses it to download the new file that was just uploaded.
  • Generates a signature for a DELETE request and uses it to delete the file that was created.
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