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Emacs slime extension for swank-js
Emacs Lisp
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This repository contains source code for slime-js emacs plugin, providing integration with backend.


There are 2 pieces to make this work:

  1. The Slime piece, You’re looking at it.
  2. the Swank piece.

Installing Slime.js

The best way to get this is to use package-install with Marmalade

M-x package-install slime-js

Connecting to Marmalade:

What, you don’t have marmalade as one of your package sources? Are you NUTS?

For Emacs 24, getting Marmalade is easy peasy:

(require 'package)

(add-to-list 'package-archives

             '("marmalade" . "") t)

For emacs 23, the steps are similar, except you need to make sure you have the

Installing Swamk.js

For the moment, Gozala’s branch of swank.js includes an easy install through NPM. It looks hot. Go get it.

Get Node.js: Get Swank.js:


There will be more documentation here soon. For now, check the docco at


There is big item on the development hit list:

PROJECT Get rid of js2-mode dependency

Some people prefer espresso!

here is a list of dependencies that need to be WHACKED:

  • [ ] js2-mode-wait-for-parse
    • [ ] js2-forward-sws
    • [ ] js2-mode-forward-sexp (js–forward-expression? js–forward-functon-decl? )
    • [ ] js2-node-at-point
    • [ ] js2-ast-root-p
    • [ ] js2-node-parent
  • [ ] js2-node-abs-pos
    • [ ] js2-node-abs-end
  • [ ] js2-mode-buffer-dirty-p

Figure out why those functions are being used, and build a facade (of sorts)

PROJECT Better buffer handling of the swank connection

customize option to make the buffer invisible

add ansi-mode hook on it so that it looks nicer.

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