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Customized built-in element to add user interactions on a file input with multiple files as a progressive enhancement.
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Customized built-in elements is="drop-files"

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The goal of this module is to add user interaction on a file input with multiple files as a progressive enhancement (the form still works if this JavaScript is disabled). Live demo


With npm

Install the package using npm or yarn

npm i @grafikart/drop-files-element
# or
yarn add @grafikart/drop-files-element

Then import it in your script

import '@grafikart/drop-files-element'


<script type="module" src="//"></script>

Then use the custom element in your html using is="drop-files.

        label="Drop files here or click to upload."
        help="Upload files here and they won't be sent immediately"


Unfortunately safari doesn't support Custom built-in elements and does not have a constructor for DataTransfer ( so this custom element won't display (native input will be displayed)



Attribute Type Description
label string The label used as a bold text for the drop area
help string Help text used as a secondary text for the drop area

CSS Custom Properties


HTML Structure

This component doesn't use shadow dom so you can customize the style using CSS and overwrite the style already included inside this custom element.



  • Fixed the behaviour of a single file input


  • Correctly handle input without the "multiple" attribute (issue #4)


  • Fixed a rendering bug on Firefox (issue #2)


  • Fixed a bug happening when no attributes were passed to the component


  • Fix style when box-sizing is set to border-box


  • Better error handling
  • Improved style for the delete button
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