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  1. Builder

    Prepare your Laravel apps incredibly fast, with various commands, services, facades and boilerplates.

    PHP 917 101

  2. CMS

    Decoupled CMS for any Laravel app, gain control of: pages, blogs, galleries, events, images, custom modules and more.

    CSS 447 92

  3. Commerce

    An E-Commerce package for Laravel with Grafite CMS. Take control of your content and how you sell it! Products, subscriptions, shipping, downloading and more!

    PHP 31 7

  4. FormMaker

    A remarkably magical form and input maker tool for Laravel.

    PHP 19 12

  5. CrudMaker

    An incredibly powerful and some say magical CRUD maker for Laravel

    PHP 22 16

  6. HomeForge

    A CLI tool for managing Laravel homestead sites

    PHP 27 1