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Brackets extension for previewing markdown files
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Markdown Preview

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For new features, see the changelog below.

A Brackets extension that provides a live preview of markdown documents.

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  • Select File > Extension Manager... (or click the "brick" icon in the toolbar)
  • Search for "Markdown Preview"
  • Click the Install button

How To Use

When a markdown document (with extension ".md" or ".markdown") is open, a markdown icon is shown in the toolbar at the top of the Brackets window. Click this icon to open the preview panel. The panel can be resized vertically.

The preview is updated as you edit the document. You can hover over links to see the href in a tooltip, or click them to open in your default browser.

Hover over the preview area to show the settings "gear" icon. Click this icon to change the settings.



By default, the document is rendered as standard Markdown. Change the dropdown to "GitHub-Flavored (GFM)" to see the Markdown as it would appear in a GitHub issue, pull request, or comment.


There are five themes available:

  • Light - Black text on a light background, similar to GitHub wiki pages.
  • Dark - Light text on a dark background.
  • Classic - Black text with a serif font on a light background.
  • GitHub - The look and feel of a GitHub README.
  • Custom - Adds the option to add a custom stylesheet.

Sync scroll position

When checked, scrolling in the editor scrolls the preview to roughly the same location. The scroll position of the preview is based on the scroll position of the source document, so the position may be out of sync if you have really long lines in your source file. Scroll synchronization works best when the preview and code view are the same height.


This extension uses the following open source components:


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