A collection of mod-specific logics for the OpenRA mod of Attacque Supérior.
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This repository is a collection of mod-specific logics for the OpenRA mod Attacque Supérior.

While the logics might be written with one mod in mind, the repository's aim is to be used by the modding community as an additional plugin for their mods.

The repository will be aimed against the bleed version of OpenRA. Playtest-compatible versions might be tagged though. Release-specific versions probably not - although probably the last playtest of that release cycle will work with them.

For specific mod logic authors, refer the AUTHORS file. The repository's code is under the GPLv3 license. All code uploaded into this repository follows the OpenRA code standard and was evaulated by StyleCop.

Do not ask about the mod here. This is a strict code repository. You can follow Attacque Supérior at http://www.moddb.com/mods/attacque-suprior or https://www.facebook.com/AttacqueSuperior.